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Priority fields

Priority fields

We, the Youth of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms strongly stand for purposeful policies toward...

We, the Youth of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms strongly stand for purposeful policies toward the young people, especially in the field of education, health and security. Nowadays young people are constantly facing great risks and uncertainties which requires their persistent adaptation and reorientation.

The most alarming problem is the youth unemployment. In addition significant number of researches show that the poverty is the most endangering risk for young people. More and more young people define themselfs as poor, which is quite humiliating for citizens of a country member of the European Union.

Another big problems are the high percentage of young people who drop out of the school system, the low levels of literacy and numeracy and the weakened confidence in the Bulgarian education system as a whole. Such negative tendencies lead to disengagement from the social problems, which is the logical explanation of why the youth is indifferent to political and civil issues.

The increase of youth crime as well as drug, alcohol and smoking abuse are perils not only for the young people but for the society as a whole. The low sexual culture, healthy way of life, doing sports are reasons for unwanted pregnancies, obesity, sexually transmitted diseases and other health issues.

We the members of Youth MRF are not of capacity to solve those extremely disturbing symptoms, which demand wholesome view on the youth issue. Nevertheless we can search for the partnership of other political or civil organizations , as well as interested institutions in order to cooperate in the dealing with these problems.

It is problematic that the Bulgarian government lacks of consistency between all strategies of the sectoral policies. We insist on that Bulgaria as a state should have one wholesome priority based vision for the development of the country. We believe that this will be the most appropriate way to apply different measures and strategies in solving the problematic fields.

Activities in the priority fields

Youth, economic activity and entrepreneurship

Having in mind the current economic tendencies amongst the young people, who are more and more eager to start their own business, as means to get through the unemployment, we as Youth MRF are determined to promote all grant opportunities which can be of benefit for the youth. Youth MRF will continue to inform and support young people in this field.


· To initiate adequate amends in the legal frame and better application of the EU practices

· To organize events with representatives of the business and economic experts aiming to present the good practices in the entrepreneurship, to improve the competitiveness of the small and medium business

Youth and health

Believing that we have the right for good health service and awareness for preventive diagnostics and treatment, Youth MRF will initiate information campaigns in promotion healthier way of life for the young people and together with partner organizations we will work for prevention of drug and alcohol abuses.

Healthy environment is initial for the good health.

Youth MRF is for reasonable treatment of the nature and its resources. We are for the effective application of the green policies.


· Information campaigns and events together with the young partners from the sport, health organizations in order to promote healthier life

· To stimulate physical activity through sport events and other

· To raise the awareness of the young people for sexually transmitted diseases

Youth and sports

Young people should have good opportunities and better conditions for mass or professional sports. Youth MRF via its local organizations will introduce its proposals to the local authorities.

Our sport events are for all young people, because we believe that sports are initial for good health, creates friendships and connections.


· To encourage young people to do the physical activities and sports

· To realize projects stimulating youth ports initiatives and tourism

· Information campaigns in support for mass and professional sports.

Youth and education

Youth MRF will insist on the consistency between the educational subjects and the needs of contemporary labour market. We persist on the modernization of the educational agenda, not a wholesome reform.

We insist on the importance of introduction of civil and political courses in the contemporary education. We believe that through education young people can be motivated and integrate them in the social activities.


· To promote human rights, anti-discrimination, equality between sexes, labour rights of young people through the organization of seminars and informal education

· Leadership trainings

· To stimulate the informal education among young people

· To promote the youth volunteering

Youth and security

Youth crime increases as on the streets so in the educational buildings and entertainment places. Tackling with disturbing issue is one of utmost importance for Youth MRF.


· To look for and apply different mechanisms which can prevent and solve the problems with youths’ risky behavior.

· When thinking of that topic we can count in the reasonable behavior in the web. We will organize various seminars and discussions in order to inform the young people about the perils of the internet as well as to prevent cyber crime and personal data abuse.

Strategic goals of Youth MRF:

1. Enhancing economic activity and carrier development of young people

2. Improving healthy lifestyle

3. Increasing civil and political activity of young people

4. Strengthening intercultural dialogue

5. Enforcing the role of young people in prevention against crime, drug abuse as well as other substancies influencing on health